About Us

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     Helpman-Sofia Ltd. has been established in 1993. The main activity of the company is wholesale of equipment for different type of refrigeration systems.


     The market strategy of Helpman-Sofia Ltd. is “quality and loyalty”.


     The partners - suppliers of Helpman-Sofia Ltd. are world-wide known brands in the refrigeration, producers of high quality products. Helpman-Sofia Ltd. represents on the Bulgarian market a range of companies and distributes their products. Our main suppliers are: Bitzer, Du Pont, Thermofin, Dixell, Sporlan (part of Parker group), Henry, Flexelec, CPS, ITE, Herl (part of Parker group), Mobil, Zanotti, Van Amerongen, Refflex.


     Helpman-Sofia Ltd. offers all the components, needed for a refrigeration system of all kind of cold rooms for commercial and industrial refrigeration plants, having application in  processing and storage of: meat and meat products, milk and milk products, fish, fruits and vegetables etc. In Bulgaria have been built up and operate successfully a lot of refrigeration installations, where the refrigeration equipment has been delivered by Helpman-Sofia.Ltd. All these refrigeration plants are in accordance with the European standards in the field. This enables the companies using these installations to obtain the necessary certificates for export of their production inside EC. Our customers are companies, which appreciate the high quality and reliability of the equipment, as well as the low consumption of energy during the working period of the equipment.


     The employees of Helpman-Sofia Ltd. are highly qualified specialists with a long experience in the refrigeration field. Everyone is capable of giving the customers profound and detailed technical information. Our motto is “High quality of the products and the services we are offering”.